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Bega Plumbers services the Bega, Merimbula and South Coast NSW area, so we are nearby and can respond quickly to any problem.

With over 20 years experience behind us, we are more than able to cope with any job, be it a leaky tap or small scale excavation work.

We have done jobs ranging from a blocked toilet to a severe drain blockage so there is no job too big or too small for us.

Our specialty is new builds, as this is where most of the major problems and headaches begin. Plumbing and drainage is our bread and butter, so don't wait until you get yourself into a sticky situation before calling us to fix it - prevention is better than cure. Get in touch and we will give you an upfront assessment and price that could save thousands in the long run.

Our aim is to provide the best quality service at the lowest possible price, this is why we one of Bega's most reputable plumbing companies.

Just check our customer reviews and feedback, we regularly respond to referrals from satisfied customers.

Your Local Bega & Merimbula Plumbing Experts

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Your Local Bega & Merimbula Plumbing Experts

Some of the plumbing jobs we tackle on a daily basis are -

  • Blocked Drains
  • Leak Repairs
  • Pipe Repair / Replacement
  • Sewer / stormwater replacement
  • Tapware Replacement
  • Hot Water Service Repairs
  • Boiler Installation
  • Septic tank replacement / installation
  • New residential plumbing / drainage

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Various copper pipes joined, connected, and welded to each other


At Bega Plumbing, we are the experts at all things pipes and drains. Where we differ from other plumbers in the Merimbula and South Coast NSW area is that we have 20+ years experience. This has enabled us to build up an impressive range of machinery as well as experience and expertise.

Any plumber can mend a leaking pipe but if you have a severely damaged and irreparable pipe or drain, the best option is to replace it. Some may try to patch up the problem but that will only lead to further damage down the track and end up costing you more money.

This usually leads to excavation work, which is a messy and serious work. Not every plumber can excavate which is why Bega Plumbers leads the way, since we provide both services, you benefit from the best of both worlds; we really are a one-stop shop.

Our team can deal with any water or pipe problem that you have, whether residential or commercial.

In addition, we have our own machinery, so no need to contract out. This saves unnecessary cost and time which is reflected in the price we charge.


Our services include:

  • Small scale excavations for landscaping
  • Excavations for electrician trenches, drainers pipes etc.
  • Storm water drainage
  • Absorption trenching
  • Irrigation
  • Bega excavation

We have done it all at Bega Plumbers, from small home renovations to large scale commercial work. With mini excavators, diggers and dingos at our disposal, no job is too big.

Before undertaking the job, our qualified drain expert arrives at the site, a thorough inspection will be undertaken to determine the best solution for your specific needs, then the qualified technician will provide you with a fair quote with no obligation or pressure to book. We never up-sell, rather we want to make sure you get the service you need and deserve.

Storms are a fact of life

If you live in the Bega, Merimbula and South Coast NSW area, then you know that storms are becoming a fact of life.

Everyone knows storm water can cause thousands of dollars damage, but the main damage usually goes unseen. Water seeps into every nook and cranny and small undrained pockets can cause further damage like rotting, damp and corrosion over time.

Bega Plumbers are No. 1 in the area for storm water drainage, don't let the water settle, give us a call today or pay later!


Safety is a priority to our team and we always provide safe working environments, never cutting corners or taking shortcuts.

We are fully insured and licensed and all our technicians hold plumbing contractor's licenses.

This is reflected in our health and safety record and our many happy customers and referrals. Our decades of experience and customer commitment will ensure you get the results that you want and deserve.